Engineering of Existing Structures

Engineering of Existing Structures supports building owners and design offices in their infrastructure and asset management projects. It takes an active role throughout the life cycle of the structures.

From the start of construction to the end of its service life, a building or civil engineering structure needs to be controlled, monitored, maintained, and will generally undergo some type of development or modernisation. The planning and implementation of these maintenance and rehabilitation actions must be based on special skills and expertise.

This type of specialist engineering is essential to provide relevant solutions to the complex problems of evaluating the service level of structures and defining the actions to be undertaken.
In the context of increasingly limited budgets and restrictive operating conditions, it is essential for building owners to identify an optimum maintenance plan for their structures.

The solutions take on another dimension when there is the ability to monitor and manage an asset in a global and proactive way. 
All of the professions involved in Engineering of Existing Structures join forces to provide an effective response to these challenges.

Throughout the service life of a structure, asset managers must cope with events caused by a variety of factors. They should call on Engineering of Existing Structures to maintain the service level of their structures and ensure the safety of property and users.


Combining the know-how of more than ten trades in complex and diverse fields (soil, structures, materials), Engineering of Existing Structures focuses on innovation in these highly technical and fast-developing professions: