Who are we ?

Continuum is the SIXENSE international brand dedicated to Engineering of Existing Structures. It combines a network of companies specialising in monitoring, surveying, analysis, management and maintenance of existing structures.

This requires synergy between a wide range of skills  (soil, structure, materials, coatings, monitoring), with high added value (non-destructive investigation methods, advanced modelling, laboratory testing and analysis, IT development) and a network of national and international facilities.

A single contact person

The greatest advantage of CONTINUUM is its ability to provide an overall vision concerning any issue involving Engineering of Existing Structures. Clients who come to CONTINUUM gain access to a vast set of expertise and solutions. A dedicated contact person gives them relevant answers :
>  By analysing their requests and understanding their needs,
>  By identifying the services to be implemented and combined in the various areas of Engineering of Existing Structures,
>  By mobilising the resources and skills of the member entities or partners accustomed to working in synergy.

A network of specialist companies



Three laboratories and research centres


A panel of experts from the technical departments of member companies

Contributing to the outreach of Engineering of Existing Structures

Active members of IMGC, IDRRIM, CEFRACOR, CEOCOR and CEN 219
Training sessions at Ecole des Ponts, CHEC, INSA, Ecole des Mines d’Ales, …
Publications in specialist journals
Participation in international conferences

An organisation


  • Pascale Dumez
    Brand Director
    in charge of brand strategy and development
  • Christophe Michaux
    Sales Director
    in charge of the development of Engineering of Existing Structures activities within the brand
  • Nicolas Bessoule
    Technical Director
    guarantor of the relevance and quality of studies conducted within the brand, in charge of innovation


Technical and scientific discussions

  • Gilles Hovhanessian
    SIXENSE Systems
  • Nicolas Bessoule
    SIXENSE Concrete
  • Marc Brouxel
    SIXENSE Concrete
  • Pascale Dumez
    SIXENSE Concrete
  • Gatien Herault
    SIXENSE Concrete
  • Christophe Michaux
    SIXENSE In-Situ
  • Patrick Naylor
    SIXENSE Iprs
  • Shahrokh Ghavamian
    SIXENSE Necs
  • Jean-Ghislain La Fonta
    SIXENSE Soldata
  • Benoît Pezot

Our values